About forte batteries

  • X-Frame technology and High Durability Technology

  • Enveloped separator for low electric resistance

  • Advanced center lug technology and cast on strap

  • Sealed double lid with frame arrestor

  • Integrated computer design and reinforced container

  • Magic eye indicator


X-Frame Technology: Maximized Power & Enhanced Stability


X-Frame Technology: Maximized Power & Enhanced Stability

Forte SMF batteries features patterned and fully framed grids produced through a manufacturing process called “stamping”

Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grid, Forte SMF batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow

Advanced Grid Structure for Long Life

Latest production process : Continuous and high precision punching process

  • Robust structure

  • Excellent adhesion of active mass plate.

Full Framed Grid Design

  • Prevents grid growth & short circuits from exposed wire

Advanced Grid Design for Extra Power

Built for maximum flow of current, the advanced grid design enable faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity (ensures low electrical resistance)

Design ensures there is more lead where electrical current is greatest, thus better power flow

High Durability Technology: EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE

FORTE Batteries provide extended life cycle through High Durability Technology

Using cutting-edge materials, the High Durability Technology protects the grid until the end of the battery life and improved the battery performance


Delivering outstanding product quality through innovative technology

  • Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

  • High Durability Technology delivering longer service life

  • Reliable starting power with X-frame technology

  • Improved safety and usability

  • Complete range for Japanese (JIS) and European (DIN) vehicles.

  • Made in Korea


12 Months warranty period from the purchase/fitment date

  • Free replacement in case of premature failure

Warranty subject to Terms and Conditions

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