General Patterns


Feature and benefits

  • Safety on wet roads through reduced risk of aquaplaning:

    Grooves displace the water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and increasing safety.

  • Better handling and shorter braking distance:

    The tread ensures very good transfer of forces. This results in improved handling and significantly shorter stopping distances.

  • Lower noise level and thus greater ride comfort:

    The tyre is pleasantly quiet, the low noise level makes the ride more comfortable.

  • Wet grip:

    Tyres with high wet grip performance (A or B graded) have shorter braking distances on wet roads and are, therefore, safer in the rain. As with fuel efficiency, the D grade isn’t used and there are no plans to use G.

  • Fuel efficiency:

    Tyres account for up to 20% of your vehicle’s fuel consumption so, if you want to get more miles per tank of fuel, you should choose tyres with a high fuel efficiency rating. You will also lower your CO2 emissions. It comes down to rolling resistance i.e. the energy lost when a tyre is moving. The lower the rolling resistance, the less energy is lost and the lower your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The difference between an A-rated tyre and a G-rated tyre could be as much as 6 litres per 625 miles.

  • Rolling noise:

    This is the external noise made by the tyre and is measured in decibels. The more filled bars shown on the label, the louder the tyres.

  • Product range


Available sizes


GENERAL 195R15 EUROVAN 2 C 8PR 106/104R


GENERAL 195R14 EUROVAN 2 C 106/104Q

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