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General Patterns


Available sizes

  • 265/70R17

    GENERAL 265/70R17 GRABBER AT 124/118Q
  • 255/60R18

    GENERAL 255/60R18 GRABBER AT 112H
  • 235/65R17

    GENERAL 235/65R17 GRABBER AT 108H
  • 235/85R16

    GENERAL 235/85R16 GRABBER AT 120/116S
  • 225/65R17

    GENERAL 225/65R17 GRABBER AT 102H
  • 215/60R17

    GENERAL 215/60R17 GRABBER AT 96H
  • 255/55R18

    GENERAL 255/55R18 GRABBER AT XL 109H
  • 275/40R20

    GENERAL 275/40R20 GRABBER AT 106H
  • 255/55R19

    GENERAL 255/55R19 GRABBER AT 111H
  • 255/50R19

    GENERAL 255/50R19 GRABBER AT 107H
  • 285/75R16

    GENERAL 285/75R16 GRABBER AT 126/123Q

Feature and benefits

  • Off-road feeling in a new dimension

    The all-terrain tire from General Tire is called Grabber AT. It provides a strong grip and excellent handling, both off and on the road.

  • 50:50 on/off

    Outstanding traction and excellent steering performance off-road

  • High grip in muddy terrain

  • Robust tread pattern even in rough terrain

  • Long lasting in rough conditions

  • High comfort and low riding noise

  • Best aquaplaning performance

  • Outstanding traction and excellent steering performance off-road

    The Grabber AT transfers the forces from the engine so directly that both the off-road and steering response are outstanding.

  • High grip in muddy terrain

    The tire is able to clean itself. This means the Grabber AT always grips extremely well on muddy terrain.

  • Robust tread pattern even in rough terrain

    In order to achieve optimum transfer o forces the tyre is very rigid and yet flexible enough to prevent cuts and chips. Even under harsh conditions the tyre remains robust.

  • Long lasting rough conditions

    The tread design prevents stones from getting in the tread. The tyre is durable even when put under heavy strain on rough terrain.

  • Quiet and comfortable

    The road noise is pleasantly quiet and the tire runs comfortable over the ground

  • High protection against aquaplaning

    Grooves and sipes channel water from the tread and minimize the aquaplaning risk.

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