Hankook Patterns


Feature and benefits

  • All-season steer axle tyre for variable road conditions

    Special tread design and multi 3 dimensional sipes provide high mileage and enhanced traction performance

  • Features and benefits

    Wide tread width - Wide tread width offers high pattern volume which results in an improved mileage performance.

  • 4 wavy and straight grooves - A combination of 4 wavy and straight grooves provides outstanding traction and drainage performance on long and regional haul multi-applications.

  • Multi 3 dimensional sipes - Multi 3 dimensional sipes provide excellent traction leading to an enhanced driving performance. The rib’s reliable stiffness results in significant fuel savings.

  • Special tread pattern design with semi-sipes - Special tread pattern design with semi-sipes ensures even wear throughout the tyre’s lifespan.

  • Tyre Structure

    Belt structure - Minimised motion of belts for reduced heat generation.

  • Carcass - Optimised carcass structure for better ride and handling.

  • Improved bead - Optimised bead profile for superior retreadability.

Available sizes


HANKOOK 8.5R17.5 AH35 12PR TL 121/120L


HANKOOK 205/75R17.5 AH35 12PR TL 124/122M


HANKOOK 265/70R19.5 AH35 14PR TL 140/138M


HANKOOK 8.5R17.5 AH35 12PR TL 121/120L


HANKOOK 9.5R17.5 AH35 16PR TL 129/127L


HANKOOK 215/75R17.5 AH35 14PR TL 126/124M

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