Hankook Patterns


Feature and benefits

  • The WorldContact 4x4 tyre is the face of the future, and Continental Tyres answer to the challenges faced by adventurous 4x4 owners in Southern Africa. Special characteristics of the new-generation tyre include:

  • An extra wide tread for excellent tread life.

  • A high strength steel casing to provide improved resistance to punctures.

  • An interlocking block tread design for quiet running on tarmac surfaces.

  • Wide open-tread grooves for superior traction in the wet and a resistance to aquaplaning.

  • A good self-cleaning action of the tread for enhanced grip in mud and sandy conditions.

  • Straight sidewalls for improved resistance to sidewall intrusions from protruding rocks, stumps or other threatening off-road situations.

  • Shoulder ribs to deflect objects that can cause sidewall intrusions.

  • Technical details

    Large tread blocks combined with broader shoulder

  • Central circumferential rib and large intermediate tread blocks

  • Modern compound technology

  • Open grooves between the tread blocks

  • Benefits

    Off- road robustness and high levels of traction with excellent self-cleaning properties

  • Improved steering response and on-road stability

  • Improved wet grip levels in on-road conditions and resistance to wear

  • Increased levels of water displacement and improved resistance to aquaplaning

  • Product range


  • All-season LT/SUV tire for OE fitments

    Ventus AS is designed to provide the ride comfort, low noise and all-season traction that exists in these original equipment tires


    6 Circumferential grooves: Cools the tire, improves steerability and allows water to escape the footprint

  • Solid centerline: Improves driving feel and stability.

  • Open shoulder design: Provides “see-thru” evacuation of water and slush.

  • High density siping: Gives the Ventus AS hundreds of biting edges for noise performance

  • Stepped groove walls: Provide extra edges for steering traction

  • Tire Structure

    Rim protect bar protects the rim from scuffing while preventing the sidewall from “rolling over” the rim flange.Sidewall shape optimized to bend gently-reducing stresses and improving ride comfort.

  • Sidewall compound specially formulated to resist ozone, aging, cracking and abrasion.

  • Nylon belt overlay provides strength to the tread area and restricts belt motion-the key to high performance handling.

  • Two extra-wide high tensile steel belts give the tire crisp handling and flex to absorb road shocks.

Available sizes


HANKOOK 275/45R20 RH07 XL 110V

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