Nankang Patterns

Over 55 Years of Industrious Work, all Dedicated to Motoring Safety
Nankang is proud for their quality products produced over the years. Yet they never cease to pursue excellence in both their R&D and manufacturing processes.

Nankang Rubber Tire's heritage runs deep; having the longest history among the tire manufacturers in Taiwan.

For over 55 years, guided by their corporate motto, "Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation", they have persisted in creating performance and growth. In response to increasingly discerning market demands, they have strived aggressively towards their goals of "product innovation with R&D, differentiation from competition, product quality upgrading, customer satisfaction, after-sale service and professional management", in order to offer more and more innovative products.
Performance, technology, and quality-assured engineering built into every tire. Designed not only to meet, but to exceed today’s demanding driving needs. Whether in the city or out in the country, Nankang tires are designed to perform.

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