Otani Patterns

OTANI is a prominent manufacturer of Truck Bus Radial and Bias Tires in South East Asia. These tires are meant for different applications including long-haul, on and off-road, and mixed driving conditions. OTANI considers using superior technological and production techniques that increase customer satisfaction.

The OTANI brand was established by the Otani Tire Co. Limited, a Thai-based manufacturer of various types of commercial bias tires, tubes, flaps and pre-cure tread for retread.
What Differentiates OTANI
The manufacturing of the products is done in its origin country – Thailand, hence OTANI enjoys an excellent reputation in the market by exceeding customers’ satisfaction with quality products and utmost performance. OTANI tyres are robust and rugged that gives the customers an opportunity to retread multiple times in order to get lesser cost per kilometer and cash-in the prolonged life-span of the tyres.

R&D Matters
OTANI values the importance of R&D for its portfolio and as a result it comes up with tailor-made tread designs to suit the requirements of specific markets. The company invests millions of dollars in R&D every year in order to keep bringing continuous improvements in its product range. Quality control process is highly regulated where the tyres undergo the extensive process including 100% Shearography and X-Ray inspection to make them flawless,

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