Effective against irregular tire wear and chip-cuts
The AH11 and AH11s are built to be extra tough against uneven wear, chips, cuts and tearing. Designed to lower operating cost per mile. Innovative tread design promotes excellent lateral stability while providing precise handling in all weather conditions.

Features and benefits
• Innovative tread design with stepped ribs and large shoulders promotes excellent lateral stability and precise handling.
• Wide tread and deep groove provide better mileage, while the load on the tire is distributed more evenly.
• Four channels along the length of the tread combining with tread surface grooves to ensure solid grip and stable steering on both wet and dry surface.
Tire Structure
• Belt structure – Provides better fuel efficiency.
• Carcass structure – Gives enhanced durability against outer shock or loading weight.
• Improved bead – Provides you safety even high speed and long mileage.

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