Regional all position tire for extreme mileage & fuel efficiency
Structurally designed for longer tread life, fuel efficiency and durability.

Features and benefits
Multi-purpose performance – Combination of center zigzag grooves and 3D kerf provides multi performance for better tread life and fuel efficiency.
Stone ejector – Helps eject stones and protect against stone drilling.
Zigzag traction groove – Improves traction and braking performance by expanding the point of intersection through four zigzag grooves with 3D kerf.
Optimized shoulder design – Optimized shoulder profile and unique shoulder wall grooves help deliver excellent resistance to uneven rib wear.
3D kerf technology – Better traction, increased mileage and controlled wearing with less irregular wear.
Long tread life – Optimized tread volume for increased mileage and specifically formulated tread compound that provides exceptional tread wear.
Tyre Structure
Belt structure – Minimized motion of belts for reduced heat generation.
Carcass – Optimized carcass structure for better ride and handling.
Bead structure – Optimized bead profile for superior retreadability.

Tyres in this Pattern

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