A reliable partner for a comfortable quiet ride
Shorter braking distance
Very good steering response on wet roads and low risk of Aquaplaning
Low fuel consumption and high mileage
Visual Alignment Indicator: Increased mileage potential through avoidance of premature removal due to irregular wear
Replacement Tire Monitor: Improved safety and optimal tire performance

Shorter braking distance;
The Altimax Comfort has outstanding handling characteristics in wet conditions, as the tire displaces the water from the tread. This also ensures shorter braking distances.

Steering response and aquaplaning:
Very good steering response on wet roads and low risk of aquaplaning;
The right tread gives the vehicle high degree of stability on wet surfaces. This means the steering performance always remains precise, even in wet conditions, and the risk of aquaplaning is minimized.

Fuel consumption and mileage:
Low fuel consumption and high mileage; the tread compound minimizes rolling resistance. This keeps fuel consumption low and increases mileage.

Visual alignment indicator:
Visual alignment indicator signals incorrect alignment; if the tread wears unevenly over the first 1,000 kilometers the visual alignment indicator technology (VIA) signals this to the user. This significantly extends the service life of the tire.

RTM- Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety.
RTM technology tels the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety.

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