Technical details
• Reduced fuel consumption
ContiEcoContact CP uses NCCS technology, which provides the tyre with very low rolling resistance. Reduced rolling resistance means lower fuel consumption and an adequate distribution of the forces, meaning that the tyre tread wears evenly
• Long service life
The extremely low rolling resistance in the ContiEcoContact CP tyre ensures an extended service life.
• Increased safety on all types of surfaces
The gentle slope of the tread pattern and the rubber compound used in the tyre guarantee very good performance in wet conditions. The composition of the mixture provides a high grip on wet and slippery surfaces. The main peripheral grooves efficiently remove water from the central part of the tyre. Numerous cuts in the tread blocks reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Stable and smooth running on dry road is ensured by the wide shoulders of the tyre and strong tread blocks. Thanks to this, the Continental ContiEcoContact CP provides precise steering on the road and sharp bends.
• Reduced noise levels
The noise level has been significantly reduced, making your journey much more comfortable

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