The DH35 is an all-season drive axle tyre for variable road conditions.
Rib type tread pattern design and 3 dimensional sipes ensure low rolling resistance and excellent driving performance.

Features and benefits
• Wide tread with 4 zigzag grooves – Wide tread with 4 zigzag grooves enables high mileage and excellent driving performance in variable conditions.
• Multi 3 dimensional sipes – The special tread pattern design with multi 3 dimensional sipes offers low rolling resistance and outstanding traction.
• Innovative rib type tread pattern design – Special tread pattern design for low rolling resistance and excellent traction performance across multi applications.
Tyre Structure
• Belt structure – Minimised motion of belts for reduced heat generation.
• Carcass – Optimised carcass structure for better ride and handling.
• Improved bead – Optimised bead profile for superior retreadability.

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