Is not just really good to look at
– Newly developed for high-powered SUVs, the Grabber GT is not just really good to look at.

100:0 on/off
– Outstanding handling performance on dry and wet roads
– High driving comfort due to reduced noise level
– Excellent wet braking performance
– Visual Alignment Indicator: Increased mileage potential through avoidance of premature removal due to irregular wear
– Replacement Tire Monitor: Improved safety and optimal tyre performance

– The Grabber GT has a high degree of rigidity and a well-balanced tread structure. This ensures excellent handling on dry and wet roads.
– High driving comfort due to reduced noise levelThe robust tread minimizes wear. Throughout the service life of the tyre it provides a comfortable ride and noise level is low.
– Excellent wet braking performanceA lot of gripping edges provide a very high level of safety because of excellent grip in the wet even when braking.
Visual Alignment Indicator
VAI signals incorrect alignment.
– If the tread wears unevenly over the first 1,000 kilometers, the Visual Alignment indicator technology signals this to the user. This significantly extends service life of the tyre.
– RTM- Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety.RTM technology tels the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety

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