Kinergy EX is the combination of technology and design that offers drivers impressive vehicle fuel efficiency and outstanding performance

Technical details
• High Dispersion Silica Tread Compound
High dispersion silica compound provides excellent ride, noise performances & lower rolling resistance.
• Wide Two Steel Belt
Wide steel belt provides optimized foot shape and improved handling performance.
• Super High Turn Up Carcass
Sidewall reinforced by super high turn up carcass line. Enhanced sidewall provides superior protection abilities form the impact damages.
• High-Hardness Bead Filler
Bead filler ensures enhanced handling and steering response.
• Strong Single Strand Bead Wire
Strong bead wire provides improved uniformity and durability.
• Rim Protect Bar
High stiffness protector shape compound protects the rim surface from the various impacts.

• Shoulder Groove Width Design
Optimized shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road noise while driving.
• Pitch Design
Diverse block size and dispersed vibration/noise frequency help to reduce unwanted road noise and offer a quiet driving experience.
• New Silica Compound Application
Rolling Resistance is lowered through the use of an advanced silica tread compound for improved vehicle fuel efficiency.
• Optimal Sipe Design Technology
Advanced tread block and sipe designs are incorporated for improved traction and comfort.
• Vibration and Noise Technology
Unwanted noise and vibration are reduced by optimizing the tire’s contact with the road surface.
• VAI System
A Visual Alignment Indicator System allows drivers to check vehicle alignment by comparing tire’s interior and exterior wear condition easily.
• Optimal Four Grooves
An optimal four Groove design improves wet condition braking and traction performance.

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