This is the premium-level practical tire that is equipped with the optimized capability for topography and climate as well as economic value for reasonable consumers with the technology.

Adopting premium-level 4 groove
In consideration of rainfall-intense weather, 4 groove is adopted to improve braking and water control and its excellent draining feature has been proven through the cutting-edge test of wettest track of Korea tire that is the only one available in Korea.
Optimal ground image through high-tech simulation
Abnormal abrasion is minimized by realizing the pressure on optimal tread ground part through the high-tech simulation.
Realizing excellent mileage as the first long life carbon (LLC) in Korea
By improving the combination of the carbon molecule, outstanding abrasion-resistance is asserted.
Maximization of adjust stability through the premium-level center rib block
By considering various domestic road environments, the center rib block is applied to improve straight stability and braking capability.
Realization of low noise through applying the premium-level 5 pich
Various cross-section angles are applied on the block edge part to realize the optimal braking capability.

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