Premium grand touring all-season tyre for all roadKinergy GT satisfies the strict performance requirements of automakers. This is outstanding in all aspects including wet, dry, winter performance. Also, it provides quiet and comfortable driving experience.

– High grip silica compound
Offers higher performance in winter conditions by promoting better grip and traction.
– Jointless full cover reinforced belt
Improve high speed stability and/or maximises the tyre’s road contact for improved handling.
– Wide steel belt layer
Improved tread stiffness for better handling / braking performance.
– Equilibrium carcass line
Increased sidewall durability and stability.
– High-stiffness bead filler
Stiffer sidewall for improved steering response.
– Strong jointless bead wire
Enhanced bead uniformity.

– Wide circumferential 4 channel grooves
Wider grooves provide maximum water evacuation which promotes wet traction.
– Wide lateral groove
Wide lateral grooves incorporated into the tyre’s tread ensure hydroplaning resistance for excellent wet handling and braking.
– Step-wing shoulder
Step-wing shoulder design maximises water expulsion for outstanding safety.
– Optimised block stiffness
Optimised tread block stiffness ensures enhanced durability and tread uniformity for improved handling performance and mileage.
– Centre rib
A rigid center rib provides excellent grip for outstanding handling and braking performance.
– Enhanced sidewall stiffness
Engineered to deliver optimal steering ability via enhanced sidewall stiffness.
– Optimal profile design
A wide tread profile provides stability and uniformity which reduces distortion, delivering outstanding handling performance and improved tread life.
– Footprint
Wide contact area maximises steering response and stability even in extreme driving conditions.
– Optimised lateral groove design
Wide lateral grooves provide excellent snow grip and enhance snow traction.
– Equalized chamfer sipe
Chamfer sipes maximize snow performance providing onsistent grip in snowy conditions.

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