The best balance between wet & dry performance!
The Ventus S1 evo2 is a premium performance tire that provides precise, controlled cornering at high-speeds and environmentally friendly performance through minimized rolling resistance and optimal profile implementation.

• Aqua Driving Control: Provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage
• Triple Driveline: As wear progresses down to TWI (tread wear indicator), there is no loss in performance.
• Cooling System: Speeds up water drainage and improves heat radiation at high speed.
• Intercooler: Controls excessive heat buildup.
• Alignment indicator: Drivers can check status of the vehicle alignment themselves through in or out wear check.

Tire Structure
• High Grip Silica Compound: Improved dry or wet traction and lower rolling resistance.
• Wide Steel Belt Layer: Better dry or wet handling
• Equilibrium Rayon Carcass Line: Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.
• High Stiffness Bead Filler: Better handling and steering response.
• Strong Single Bead Wire: Improved uniformity and tire fitting.

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