The best balance between wet & dry performance for premium SUVs.The ventus S1 evo2 is a premium performance tire for SUVs that shortens braking distances in dry and wet conditions, enhances fuel efficiency based on lowest rolling resistance and provides excellent grip and safety.

Tire pattern
– Aqua Driving Control: Providing superior wet performance through rapid drainage
– Triple Driveline: As wear progresses down to TWI (tread wear indicator), there is no loss in performance
– Cooling System: Speeds up water drainage and improves heat radiation at high speed
– Intercooler: Controls excessive heat buildup
– Alignment Indicator: Drivers can check status of the vehicle alignment themselves through IN / OUT wear check

Tire Structure
– High Grip Silica Compound: Improved Dry/Wet Traction & Lower Rolling Resistance
– Wide Steel Belt Layer: Better Dry/Wet Handling
– High Density Rayon and Polyester Carcass: Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability
– High Stiffness Bead Filler: Better steering and handling response
– Strong Single Strand Bead Wire: Improved Uniformity & Tire Fittinga. RA33High-performance tire for luxury SUVsThe Dynapro HP2 meets all the conditions required for premium European SUVs including excellent wet performance, low noise, low rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

Tire Pattern
– Straight 4-Channel Waterway: Resists Hydroplaning & Aquaplaning Performance Up.
– High Stiffness Center Rib: Stiff Center Tread Blocks provide precise steering.
– Silencer Sipes: Prevents harmonic tread pattern sound.
– Aqua Slant Sipes & Groove: Radial direction sipes provide improved handling in wet and dry conditions by locking together for greater rigidity. Lateral grooves provide resistance to hydroplaning
– Tire Structure High Loading Silica Compound: Dry/wet traction is improved and rolling resistance is lowered
– Wide 2 Steel Belt Layer: Better Dry/Wet Handling
– High Density Polyester Carcass: Better steering & handling response
– Strong Single Strand Bead Wire: Better steering and handling response

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