A smooth summer tire that guarantees comfortable rides under any driving conditions
A summer tire for small and medium-sized vehicles, the Optimo K415 allows you to drive wet roads in greater comfort and safety with specially designed patterns and HSG technology applied.

Technical details
• Jointless cap ply
Improving uniformity for a smooth ride and higher durability.
• Wide, high-tensile steel belts
Enhancing tread strength for a more direct steering response and less wear.
• Jointless bead wire & high tensile modulus bead filler
Improves high speed stability and ride comfort which maximizes steering responses and durability.

• Wide center rib
For superior handling and shorter braking distances.
• Lateral shoulder grooves
Designed to improve handling on dry roads and reduce any decline in performance under rainy conditions.
• 4-channel drainage
The optimal width and positioning of the four channel grooves ensure safety on wet roads.
• Shoulder rib block
Minimizes vibrations for greater ride comfort and more precise handling.

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