Ultra-High Performance All-Season tire
The ultra-high performance all-season S FIT AS (LH01) is designed for drivers looking fortop-of-the-line performance and optimal fuel economy.

– Asymmetric tread design
– All-Season: Optimised dry, wet and winter performance
– Long tread life
– Excellent stability and handling performance
– Quiet, smooth driving across all road conditions

Tire Structure
LH01 adopts new technology for premium vehicles, engineered for exceptional control and a quiet and comfortable ride.
– 1 or 2 Layer Jointless Nylon Full Cover – Maximises the tires contact with the road for improved handling and tread life (depends on size).
– Long Mileage Compound – Improves tread wear life.
– Equilibrium Carcass Line Design – Minimises tire deformation and allows greater sidewall stiffness.
– Wide 2 Steel Belts – Ensures optimal tread stiffness for an improved handling performance.
– Folded Belt Edge Tape – Improves handling performance at high speeds.

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