Touring Performance All-Season Tire
The G FIT AS (LH41) is the ideal choice for drivers looking for top-of-the-line comfort,all-season performance and optimal fuel efficiency.

• All-Season: Optimised Dry, Wet and Snow Performance
Tie bars that connect the shoulder blocks reinforce the stiffness of the shoulder tread for maximum cornering grip and minimised irregular wear.4 Wide Straight GroovesFour wide, straight tread grooves provide efficient water drainage in wet conditions for improved vehicle stability.Tread kerfsA specially designed tread kerf pattern ensures improved water drainage on wet roads, enhances driving stability on dry roads offering excellent handling as well as impressive grip winter conditions.Trapezoid Edge Center BlockA trapezoid shaped center block enhances handling and braking performance by ensuring greater tread block stiffness versus standard tires.

• Impressive tread life
Belt Edge Tape
A folded belt edge tape design is incorporated between the tire’s two tread belts to improve handling performance in high speed.
Long Mileage Carbon Compound
Optimised long mileage compound provides longer tread life and improved wet grip performance.
Long Mileage and Even Tread Wear
An optimised tire profile designed by advanced computer-aided simulation improves braking performance and wear by evenly distributing weight over the tire’s contact patch.

• Quiet, smooth driving across all road conditions
Noise Reduction Rib Blocks
Rib block sections at the tire’s edge help to prevent noise generated by the road surface ensuring a quiet ride.
Optimised Stiffness Distribution Design
An optimised five variable pitch stiffness distribution tread block design ensures minimum vibration and noise as well as improved riding comfort.
Chamfered groove Edge
An optimised block section design improves block stiffness and lessens ground contact impact reducing road noise and improving ride comfort.

Tire Structure
LH41 adopts new technology for touring vehicles, engineered for enhanced steering and a comfortable ride.
• High Stiffness Bead Filler – Improved handling and steering response.
• Long Mileage Compound – Improves Tread Wear life.
• Wide 2 Steel Belts – Ensures optimal tread stiffness for improved handling performance.
• 1 or 2 Layer Jointless Nylon Full Cover – Maximises the tires contact with the road for improved handling and tread life (depends on size).
• Strong Single Stand Bead Wire – Improved bead uniformity.
• Folded Belt Edge Tape – Improves handling performance in high speed.

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