Improved durability and internal anti-abrasion qualitiesA summer radial tire for commercial vans and transport vehicles, the Ventra LT provides excellent durability, increased mileage as well as excellent wet performance and a balanced footprint. Even under heavy loads, stability is maintained, increasing driver safety.

Tyre Pattern
– Application of Three Channel Wide Groove: Reduces hydroplaning and increases performance and safety at high speed.
– Optimum Groove Location Width Durable Contact Patch Technology: Optimized groove position ensures stability in the outer grounding footprint area.
– Apply New 3D Lateral Groove: Enhances Snow & Wet performance without sacrificing block strength.
– Optimized Pattern Noise: Apply center rib in center area.
– Apply Optimized Block stiffness: Reduces wear and increases dry braking performance.
– Apply Sidewall Protect Shield: Prevent Sidewall damage from the curb stone using low pressure conditions.

Tire Structure
– Reinforced Belt: Ensures durable performance through the reinforcement belt layer.
– Double Steel Belt: Ensures durability for the tire.
– Inner Liner: Prevents air leakage and maintains the internal pressure.
– Carcass: Maintains tire shape.
– Bead Filler: Enhanced rim joint stiffness for handling performance.
– Bead Wire

Tyres in this Pattern

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