Low platform trailer tire
This regional haul trailer tire with wide tread and deep grooves provides extended mileage. Three straight grooves with a zigzag design offer sustainable tread durability.
Features and benefits
• Optimized tread design – Three groove angels with a semi-zigzag design provide excellent stone ejection and groove crack prevention.
• Broad and solid shoulder – Wide and solid shoulder design for long mileage and to pretend belt separation.
• Renewed tread design – Improves mileage and prevents separation at the same time through the optimized foot shape and increased surface area.
Tyre Structure
• Belt structure – Special belt structure with a limited belt deformation which leads to a significantly lower rolling resistance.
• Carcass structure – Enlarged carcass profile with reinforced belt cord ensures excellent durability.
• Bead structure – Reinforced bead structure gives enhanced durability against loading weight.

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