RoadX Patterns

The RoadX brand is founded upon three core values; Quality products, a team you can Trust and systems to Support our customers. RoadX product quality is equal to that of national brand competitors and represents the cumulative efforts of a global team of tire engineers.

Our support systems are unparalleled to better serve our customers. RoadX tires are manufactured in state of the art facilities under a high standard of excellence. At RoadX, our mission is to earn your trust as a valued partner within the tire industry.
Raw materials are vitally important in the manufacturing of tyres, which is why we start with the best new materials, carefully blended with select recycled stock. Then, ROADX engineers designed every sculptured tread, sidewall and finish to bring you the best for your safe, comfortable and long-lasting ride.

ROADX Tyres are manufactured with Eco-Friendly compounds formulated with HD Silica and high strength steel belting to provide roll resistance for safe driving in wet and dry conditions as well as optimized on-the-road fuel performance. You can also expect longer life with this unique tyre construction. And Roadx takes its environmental responsibility seriously having established the first tyre-recycling base.

Your car carries precious cargo: for example, you, your family and friends. It’s therefore vital that the tyres your car rides on not only feel comfortable on the road surface, but they should grip the road with a fierce, unswerving precision on every journey, rain, hail or shine. Tread confidently with ROADX Xtra Safety.

Treads can be noisy and can cause annoying vibration right through the car. But ROADX tread patterns have been designed and tested rigorously for ultimate road riding comfort in wet, dry, hot or cold conditions. Get in the right groove with ROADX Xtra Comfortable Ride.

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