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Having tyre problems can be one of the most frustrating times especially when out and about running errands.

ContiPartner have a trained and qualified technical team to change your tyre be it a flat tyre or a worn out tyre. Once inspection is carried out, our team will be able to guide you fully on the matter


If driving is becoming more of a balancing act, our experts are ready to even things out. Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of the wheel and tyre is even around the axle.

Wheel balancing is prime for a smoother drive or else the highway drives may seem bumpier than normal and so will the steering


At ContiPartner, we believe one of the most important considerations to vehicle maintenance is to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned.

Signs of misaligned wheels can be obvious as your car can feel as though it's pulling to one side of the road, or your


One of the simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways to help protect the life of your car, especially its engine, is to change the oil and the oil filter regularly.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It reduces friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons